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At ZayCare every single person has a meaningful impact toward the end product, bottom line, and our culture. Whether it's a full-stack dev, our interns, marketing, or anything in between, we're all in it together working towards our mission to automate business processes.
Our Team

A growing team of innovators, makers and thinkers.

Zachar Tolmachev
Sunil Joshi
Vivek M.
Lead Engineering
Abhijeet J.
Tanuj U.
Akhilesh P.
Rashi G.
Vikrant P.
Tess van Overbeeke
Akshaya J.
Jiahui Q.
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What are we all about..

& what are we doing differently?

Our Culture

We're a business with family values, not some large corporation who see people as names on document. We care and we're proud of it.

...and we're aiming to build one of the highest rated and successful software companies spanning from  Holland to India to Singapore, and then the world - be part of that dream.
“I Love eveyrthing about what I do. The feeling of people using what I've built gives me goose-bumps.”
Abhijeet J.

Our Vision

There are a myriad of solutions available these days with countless management apps & most companies are offering the same thing in the end: Pen & Paper on the screen - sure it gets the job done.. at what cost though?

Technology is freedom and available everywhere - businesses should have the mentality and drive to automate their workflows. In the end, a business should be doing what it does best, delivering value in the segment that they’re in (and not wasting effort on administrative requirements).

“Being able to use & introduce new technologies makes my heart race, I never want to stop learning!”
Sunil Joshi

Our Approach

When a business has improved their workflows and implemented technology into their daily activities, it can begin considering the next step: upgrading their company, realising their vision. It is then that they are ready, wanting more, to differ from their competitors, & to step it up. They require the capacity and tools currently available to them to make their vision a reality.

Zaycare provides the toolbox a company requires, what we provide on top of that is the possibility for a company to decide how their company is run. Everything we build is strongly aimed at flexibility and advanced customization, all provided with recommendations. Technology should never be a limitation, it should be the gateway to achieving more.
“I love Cake.”
Trisha J.

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