Finally, a childcare management app that only takes a few days to learn.

Seriously smart & easy apps for your daycare help you support your families, unburden staff, and get paid quicker.

Devkit is a complete UI Kit for SaaS, Technology and Multi-Purpose Business websites.
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All-in-One solution for your childcare org.

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Setup within days, not weeks & easy to learn.

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Keep parents up to date with photos & messaging.

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Built for every device; Web, iOS, & Android

As easy as WhatsApp.

Encrypted instant messaging between parents, teachers & admins. All your messaging and communications directly from the Zaycare iOS & Android apps. Share information, pictures, and so much more without a delay.

On-demand bookings & schedule updates.

Allow parents to update their schedules on the fly or on request. The ability to book (transfer)days without delay without relaying back-n-forth with management - Your location-specific rules are coded into our RuleEngine™.

Perfect financials.

Accurate information is key to running a squeaky clean administration. Receive real-time updates on payments and status updates on all your invoices. Zaycare's activity feed keeps you informed of every event.

Never worry again with Real-time awareness of what's going on in your classrooms.

Real-time ratios signalling over & under-capacity so you can make quick decisions. Zaycare's smart warning system shows you real-time data to instantly make you aware of what's going on in your classrooms. The customizable teacher-child ratio warns you ahead of time in case there are too many planned children or too few staff to make sure you're always compliant.

Always be certain that your schedules are in perfect shape.

Easy editing & flexible schedules with billing error highlights. With unlimited variations & quick modification possible our smart auditing ensures billing will never mismatch.

Zaycare is 100% online, but that doesn’t mean we’re not there for you offline.

We're always there for you for any questions and help you may need with the platform. We're available on chat, email, phone, and even on-location.

Take back your freedom.

No more dependence on unreliable data, everything is instantly updated real-time, no longer having to wait on someone to get your job done.

Step 1 (one to three days)

Let us setup your organisation.

Step 2 (30 minutes)

Import all your data instantly.

Step 3 (Instant)

Start communicating with parents.

Get real-time insights into expected & actual space available.

Never before seen insight into child-spot availability based on your classroom sizes and staff planning with built in warnings for teacher-child ratios.

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Never again emailing back & forth - plan schedules right on the workfloor.

Schedules based on your programs can be added while on the workfloor, instantly, while speaking to the parent.

A signed contract will generate automatic invoices (in draft mode, so you can double check them) without needing to have a second thought on missing data. Let parents pay online with any payment method (your choice) with automatic reconciliation.

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Customisable tables & prebuilt reports for Governmental audits.

Excel is a thing of the past! Build your table views in any way you like to get the exact data you're looking without the fluff or generate Government reports in one click with built-in validations.

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Are you wasting time on emails, lists, and redundant tasks?

Not everyone likes doing administration work & the ones that do, want to do it efficiently without the added headache.

A teacher working too much overtime?
Too few?
Teacher-Child ratio off?  
Leave request?
Billing problems?
Any other issue?

Zaycare makes you aware of the important details of your daily tasks.

We don't charge for training because you don't need it - and if you do, our support team is there for you.

Efficiency shouldn’t be determined with a price tag on training & courses how you should run your company within the scope of some software application.

With Zaycare you can shape your policies to your exact needs - without complex interfaces. Run your complete admin. in less than an hour a day.
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Our financial infrastructure is robust.

All our systems run on the highest compliance possible infrastructure available: AES-256 SSL data encryption at transit & rest, ISO 27001, & GDPR-safe.

Level 1 compliant infrastructure
Transactions processed through SEPA credit & debit.
Payments made through iDEAL.

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